Spinning toys, water sprayers and castles.

Joe loves gardening. More specifically Joe loves holding the lead for the lawnmower, cutting the grass with scissors and watering plants with a water sprayer. Joe is far from Alan Titchmarsh but he gives things a go. Although I am not too keen on being sprayed as I read in the sun. I like to … Continue reading Spinning toys, water sprayers and castles.


I find articulating the notion of anxiety very difficult. The Oxford dictionary outlines it as follows ... 'Feeling or showing worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.' It is interesting when looking at the first part of the definition 'feeling OR showing...' This rather succinctly suggests that anxiety can be expressed (through … Continue reading Anxiety 

Green-fingered Joe.

I leave the house in a sleep-deprived haze. However it has started to be lifted this week as I can see some bulbs starting to grow. I have developed a sense of enjoyment for gardening over the past few years. I particularly enjoy the feeling of turning something pretty messy into something slightly more attractive.  … Continue reading Green-fingered Joe.

Showers, chips and non-league football.

'It's a woman's prerogative to change their mind'.  This quote apparently comes from 1616. This weekend I was reminded sometimes to switch the word 'woman's' to 'Joe's' Joe spent Friday at Little Gate Farm. He came home muddy, tired and happy. However he was not able to tell us much of what he did.  This … Continue reading Showers, chips and non-league football.