This week Oliver has been really enjoying nursery rhymes. Driving in the car had become rather stressful, however with nursery rhymes playing he mellows.

Today Joe, Oliver and I engaged in something supremely middle class. We went to the Paula Rego exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings.

It was a great collection that included some very interesting pieces based on nursery rhymes. Joe particularly enjoyed the ‘Little Miss Muffet’ piece where a spider attempts to sit alongside Little Miss Muffet.

There were actually a number of pieces that Joe really enjoyed. Anything with colour caught his attention and he looked to share his enthusiasm with Oliver.

Lunch time was equally refined. Oliver had gouda…

Joe’s appreciation of the art continued after lunch.

As I have mentioned before, Joe likes to carry seemingly obscure objects that settle his anxiety.

This is the first time I have heard of car registration plates being such objects…

Joe carried his plates under his arm like a mechanic on their lunch break.

We did get some looks and raised eyebrows…Joe did not care.

Perhaps Joe has been studying modern art at school…careful placement of registration numbers would fit nicely into the modern art genre.

Joe does not fit nicely into any genre.

I wonder how many adults want their children or young family members to be ‘normal’ and fit into a genre.

Joe is niche. Joe’s imagination with objects is special.

It does make me wonder if all those adults who want their sons/daughters to be ‘normal’ got their wish, would there be an art gallery there in the first place?

Art celebrates those that break the mould…or it does in my naive eyes.

Rather like art, high achievers in numerous areas break free from the handcuffs of ‘normal’.

Comparing Joe to Paula Rego might be bold. However through Rego’s self-expression her wonderful imagination has been shared with the world.

The seemingly ‘abnormal’ person breaks free of the shackles that adults wish to put them in when they are young.

For this reason I hope nobody ever calls Joe or I ‘normal’.


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