Joe does a very good impression of a robot. To tell the truth his impression is not brilliant but the amusement it causes is. 

“I am a robot”

Joe puts on a special robot voice and adopts a robotic walk to really emphasise the act.

Recently I read an article that said that robots will take a third of British jobs by 2030. That sounds concerning…I rather like my job.

At the age of thirty I could consider that my ship has sailed but what about Joe?

The statistics around disabled workers upsets me. According to an article in 2015 only 6 percent of working age people with learning difficulties have a job. 

I wonder if Joe will work in the future? My beautiful brother-in-law has an incredible amount to offer the world but will the job market require him?

If Joe is given a job that requires him to adopt a ‘robotic’ thought process he could be astonishingly effective. If you show Joe how to do something he will complete it to the best of his ability.

Is that not the sort of worker our society is desperate for?



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