Joe loves gardening. More specifically Joe loves holding the lead for the lawnmower, cutting the grass with scissors and watering plants with a water sprayer.

Joe is far from Alan Titchmarsh but he gives things a go. Although I am not too keen on being sprayed as I read in the sun.

I like to sit and watch Joe’s face as he comprehends the world around him. The complexities of life do confuse him even when it appears otherwise.

Joe is currently spraying the lawn and has been doing so for twenty minutes. Joe can spend a long time simply twisting the dial on the nozzle to change the pattern of flow. 

I have spent some time telling Joe to water the soil around a plant; this does not interest Joe. He prefers to give my roses a complete barrage direct to the flower. 

I have caught him attempting to increase the pressure of the water. I wonder if Joe is trying to ‘force ‘ the rose to ‘drink’. Unfortunately we do have rose petals on the floor rather like a fancy hotel spreading petals onto a bed.

I might tell my wife we did it deliberately to show our love for her.

Yesterday we visited Bodiam Castle. I was enthralled by the thought of knights in the Middle Ages roaming the grounds, the steep staircases and the crumbling window edges. 

Joe was less interested, although this photo shows a smile…

I showed Joe two owls that could be handled. Joe decided he did not like owls.

Joe did enjoy two things. Being in charge of the pushchair and his spinning toy. 

Joe seeks comfort in repetitive objects or activities. Like the water sprayer, the spinning toy is repetitive and has a fixed motion. Joe’s beautiful brain loves the excitement as it twists round ready to be twisted again.

However, there was a brief scare as Joe lost his spinning toy in the cafe.

Luckily one of the members of staff found it and reunited Joe with it.

I imagine that lady does not realise she prevented a battle fit for a castle …what a heroine.


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