Quite often when I take Joe out for the day he begs me to take him home. Joe loves the comfort of places he knows. 
Over the Easter weekend Joe and I (along with some family members) went to the Isle of Wight. Oddly he did not ask to go home once.
Over the weekend we did a lot of things. We visited a garlic farm; which I really enjoyed. The smell of garlic made me wish I was more creative in the kitchen. Adding mushrooms to a pasta sauce constitutes culinary flair in my book. 
This weekend I learnt that Joe does not like garlic but he does like tractors.

The next day we went on a steam engine ride. This was fascinating. The countryside around the area was wonderful. Joe really loves repetition so travelling back and forth on the same fixed line was thrilling for him. To be fair I also enjoyed it immensely, even if we did see the same station three times.
While visiting the trains we were given an Easter scavenger hunt to do. This involved finding pictures of ducks around various stations and using our observation skills to answer questions about where the ducks were placed. Joe was very good at this but was not too bothered by the idea of competition.
Joe’s observation skills are incredible. He notices tiny details about things that most people would overlook. Joe finds it tricky to relay the information but he does his best. His ability to notice things means he would make a superb detective…
This weekend I learnt that Joe is more interested in trains than duck searches…even when there is a prize in the equation.
This weekend we also went swimming where we were staying. I learnt that Joe was happy to go up the stairs to the water slide but was even happier to walk back down them. I learnt that Joe does not really like anything that might make adrenaline surge through his veins…although to be honest, I knew this already. 
I also learnt that Joe loves two pence machines in the arcades…but no where near as much as his older brother…
Thank you for a lovely weekend Joe. You are hard work but you help to make my life so fulfilling and you help me learn everyday.
Thank you big man.


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