Joe loves to be helpful. There are times when he is so desperate for approval that he will tidy items he has deliberately ‘untidied’. 
Perhaps selfishly, I have exploited Joe’s desperation to impress. I have taught Joe how to use the hand-held hoover, how to water the plants and how to mow the lawn.

It could be that I am a bad teacher…Joe has not really ‘learnt’ how to do the jobs above, although thinks he has.
Joe has always loved the hoover. I remember finding the noise of a hoover soothing so I can understand his enthusiasm for the Dyson. I spent a while showing Joe the sorts of items to hoover up. I also highlighted the importance of the hand-held hoover being in contact with the floor. 
I regularly find Joe holding the hoover up in the air…rather like a domestic Statue of Liberty. I have also found him attempting to hoover up a shoe. 
Joe is far more effective at watering plants. I discovered early on that Joe is almost ‘too good’ at watering and he completes his work very fast. I have found a way round this. Joe is only allowed to water the plants with a mini sprayer. 
Joe can spend hours ensuring the effective hydration of my garden.
Joe has a specific job to do when mowing the lawn. He holds the lead. Joe is very good at this. It is actually incredibly important for Joe to do this as I regularly have ‘near-misses’ by almost shredding the lead when mowing the lawn on my own. 
Upon reflection, I need Joe more than he needs me when it comes to house work. He is far more keen to put the hoover round, he is conscientious when watering the plants and he ensures I do not electrocute myself. 
If only Joe did not create so much mess in the first place…


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