Sometimes I annoy my wife…actually that should say ‘often’ I annoy my wife. 
One thing that really frustrates her is when I tell her a story about something she perceives to be important, a long time after it has happened. 
She wants to feel included.
This week Joe is staying with us while his parents are on holiday. 
Joe has been attending his holiday club at Little Gate Farm. Joe learns so much from these days but it is what it does to his confidence that impresses me. 
The wellbeing and self-esteem of our young people seem to be severely overlooked by those in power. Instead we favour exams. However that is a subject for another post…
When I take Joe in the morning I expect tears and a long, deeply emotional goodbye. This morning as I said goodbye Joe was more interested in an alpaca. 
Perhaps I felt more emotion than Joe. 
When I collected Joe he had a red face and was beaming. Obviously he was pleased to see me…or that is what I will tell myself.
The subsequent hours were full of detective work that Inspector Morse would be proud of as I tried to work out what Joe actually did during the day. 
Normally, Joe’s automatic response when I ask him what he did that day is ‘cooking’. If Joe is to be believed he spends all day every day working on his culinary skills. 
I find out what Joe has done that day through a variety of different means. The most useful of these is Facebook.
Over the past three days Joe has made a scarecrow, a big den and cared for a vast array of farmyard animals.
Joe has only done a small amount of cooking. He made a hot cross bun on Monday. 
Upon reflection I think it is me that doesn’t want to leave Joe in the morning. I would not mind feeding an alpaca…


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