The book I am reading at the moment is thrilling. However I have to pay attention to each paragraph as the dynamics between the characters are hard to keep up with.

I find it quite exhausting to read such books. Although as I get my best reading done between 5.45 and 6.30 in the morning I might be setting myself up to fail.

Away from books, In The Night Garden is much easier to follow. Makka Pakka is my favourite character. Oliver is more of a fan of the Ninky Nonk whereas Joe likes Iggle Piggle. We all love the simple phrases they come out with.

Both Joe and Oliver love playing with Scout. Scout is a communication toy that is supposed to help babies learn. Scout’s banter is very predictable, rather like Makka Pakka.

I think the straightforward nature of Scout is what draws Joe in. Joe likes the simplicity of Scout. 

To be honest so do I. 

I know where I stand with Scout.

It is fair to say that human beings are complex. We often say one thing but mean something completely different. 

Joe is pretty straight talking though. There is no hint of irony or inference…most of the time. 

I know where I stand with Joe. 

Similarly, if Joe is not keen on an activity he will let me know. He will not mince his words.

Today we went to the Sealife Centre. I have always been amazed by the sea and I hoped to inspire Joe. I was not expecting Joe to ask for the box set of River Monsters but something from the gift shop would have been fine.

My favourite part of the day was seeing fish my wife and I saw on our honeymoon. There were clownfish, triggerfish and reef sharks in the tanks around us. Oliver was enthralled by the noises and lights. I periodically felt the Maldivian sun on my back.

Joe had tunnel vision. Joe was fully focused on pushing the pram in a straight line and only looked at the fish when prompted. 

As Joe opened his mouth I expected something profound.

“Can I push the pram outside James?”.

It would have been cheaper to have walked past a fish counter in a supermarket…


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