I leave the house in a sleep-deprived haze. However it has started to be lifted this week as I can see some bulbs starting to grow.

I have developed a sense of enjoyment for gardening over the past few years. I particularly enjoy the feeling of turning something pretty messy into something slightly more attractive. 

I am fully aware that I am no Monty Don. For a start I do not have a dog…

Last weekend Joe joined me for some gardening.

Joe loves being outside. The sensation of the wind on his skin and the smell of the country air fills him with pleasure.

As I decided to tackle the plague of weeds that had taken over the flower bed, Joe preferred to mow the lawn.

Joe’s mowing was not really mowing. 

Joe felt he needed more control over the cutting process and so favoured using some scissors. I admired Joe’s spirit, especially when he had ‘mown’ the same small section of grass for twenty minutes.

After the partial trim of the lawn, Joe decided our letter box needed cleaning. Joe progressed from the letter box to a window sill and finally to the shed.

I am always in awe of Joe’s ability to amuse himself through his imagination. 

Joe is beautifully creative and his imagination always amazes me.

I wonder if as we get older we neglect our imagination. I probably have done.

Perhaps if I allowed my imagination to take over like Joe I could see myself as Monty Don…I would just need a dog. 


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