My mum once told me that when she was young she wanted to be a shopkeeper.

Last night Joe wanted to pretend to be a shopkeeper. This was far from being an ‘off the cuff’ comment as Joe has assembled a pretty decent retail set up over the past few weeks. He has obviously thought hard about this.

Joe has a conveyor belt, a till and a scanner. There has been some overuse of the scanner though, as it no longer works.

Joe thoroughly enjoyed getting a selection of tins and making me pay for them. He put them away in a plastic bag; although he did not charge me 5 pence for the privilege.

The game rapidly progressed to dressing up. For some reason every customer that came into Joe’s supermarket had to dress up in a ridiculous outfit.

When it was my turn I put on Joe’s school jumper (it didn’t get past my shoulders) and some of his sports trousers. Strangely enough I could get his trousers on. 

My favourite site of Joe is when he laughs so hard he makes no sound. He goes red and reverts back to a toddler in his demeanour. 

It was only after a few hours that I realised I had managed to get into an eleven years old’s trousers. 

A small eleven year old.
Perhaps I could share clothes with Oliver in a few years…that would save some money.


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