I have an obsession with the radio volume in my car. At all costs the volume must be on an even number. The problem with my car radio is that I have to lurch between a ‘not quite loud enough’ 12 and a ‘slightly too loud’ 14. 

I am more likely to change my car than drive around with my car volume on 13.

Noise seems to control part of my life.

Joe is very sensitive to noise. Rather ironically Joe is one of the loudest people I know. That is fine with me, I like hearing his noise.

Joe also tries to control his surroundings to safeguard himself from any noise that could upset him.

The smoke alarm in my house is rather lively. It has a very short fuse. It loses its temper very quickly.

Joe knows this.

To ensure the house is not subjected to ear-piercing noise, Joe knows the kitchen door must be shut when somebody opens the oven door.

Joe takes this role seriously. All it takes is the merest suggestion that the oven will be opening and he races round the house closing doors.

Joe tries to protect himself.

We all try to protect ourselves from things that upset us; no matter how trivial they may seem.

The other evening Joe did not succeed in his aim. The smoke alarm went off.

He ran from the kitchen up the stairs to me where he held my leg like a vice. 

When I managed to prise Joe from my leg I was able to wave a towel at the smoke alarm to stop the noise.

Oliver seems to be very sensitive to noise, like any baby. All I need to do is tread on a newspaper and I can wake him up; often undoing the good work required to get him to sleep. 

When the smoke alarm was ringing and the sound was bisecting the air particles to pound our ears, Oliver stayed asleep…he did wake up when I changed the TV channel though…thanks for that little man.


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