For a while I have wanted to do some yoga. I think I like the idea of something that caters for the mind as well as the body; I cannot be sure though.
I told Joe about my yoga goals and he told me with delight that he has done it at school. 
Initially I thought Joe had thought I said “yoghurt”. Anybody who knows Joe knows he loves yoghurts. 

However Joe suddenly lunged into a phenomenally adept ‘good morning’ pose. Granted, Joe’s pose wasn’t quite ‘Guru’ standard but it was significantly better than I expected. 
It is difficult to tease out of Joe what he does at school. Commonly he tells me he has done literacy and maths all day every day. For a period it was cooking all day every day; I know which I would prefer.
Joe’s coordination often upsets him. Joe struggles to carry a glass of drink from room to room without spilling it. When he does spill some drink his head will drop. It must be very frustrating that no matter how much he wants to succeed, he is unable to.
Any work Joe does to develop his coordination skills is great. I must read up on my Lotus Flower and my Shavasana to be able to support him. 
Our calming, stretch based yoga session quickly progressed to us pretending to be different animals whilst entering a room. Usually Joe’s concentration span would be responsible for this, however on this occasion it was my desire to be silly that led to us imitating kangaroos…


2 thoughts on “Guru Joe.

  1. I totally adore your blogs and when I see them sat in my inbox, it’s the first thing I click on to read. I’ve said it before and will say it again, you have the perfect material and writing style to put pen to paper and write a book. Your anecdotes are so easy to read and paint a fabulous picture in my mind.

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