It is frustrating when I cannot work out what Oliver wants. My frustration is not aimed at Oliver, instead it is aimed at my apparent ineptitude when it comes to satisfying his needs. I sometimes wish I was a baby whisperer so it could save both our time!
Often the comfort of my wife or I is enough to satisfy his moans. I love comforting Oliver; his beautiful smile makes every moan seem immaterial.
I often find I moan like Oliver without meaning to. My moans tends to be lower on the decibel front as I favour sulking. I get grumpy. 
I tend to get grumpy when I am hungry. I find myself hungry a lot, a case of ‘like father like son’. 
There is always a reason for my moans and there are always reasons why Oliver chooses to whine. Oliver’s only way to express himself is through a loud growl or cry.
As human beings there is always a reason for our behaviour which we could be aware or unaware of.
Joe often expresses his thoughts and feelings through a moan. Joe loves a moan; which has led to his occasional nickname of Victor Meldrew.
A lot of Joe’s behaviour stems from his anxieties about life. On face value Joe does not appear overly anxious as he does a very good job of masking it. 
Joe’s anxieties can be far reaching, from sitting in the front of the car to wearing his fluorescent jacket out of the house. Joe tries to communicate his feelings in the best possible way but he is often completely unable to, rather like Oliver. 
Joe is not great around large groups of people. He either becomes very shy or seeks to ‘steal the show’ with eccentric behaviour. There does not tend to be a middle ground.
My favourite example of when Joe was anxious and tried his best to communicate was at Milton Keynes football ground. We were there in the away end to see Brighton win. There were seven thousand Brighton fans and the noise was deafening. The singing was consistent and as the Brighton keeper saved a last minute penalty to seal the win, the mood was euphoric.

Joe did not care for any of the noise or excitement. Joe seemed to block it out. All Joe cared about was if he could have some mints…which he asked for over and over again. 
That day Joe was very interested in food. Earlier in the day he managed to find Pizza Express which thrilled him and he still reminds me of this today.
When we were at the ground Joe was desperate for some chips. The one problem was that the stadium did not sell chips which Joe could not fathom and he asked for them probably fifty times. The sausage roll I bought him didn’t really hit the spot. 
It did however, mean I missed a Brighton goal…


2 thoughts on “Chips, Mints and Milton Keynes 

  1. This is why I have a big handbag & take a lunch bag with me. You might find that Joe has a set of go to tastes, often soothing to compensate for other issues, and then determine a minimum set of tastes to take with you. Fruit Mentos for example are the most easily portable nausea treatments for me. I tend towards mint when I am overloaded & my kids are calmed & gently energized by coffee. Salty foods sometimes help make me able to concentrate. But we Auties are all different. 🙂

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