I am not sure if I smile with my eyes. I was always pretty confused by this statement as a child. Thanks to Joe I have a better understanding of what this means.
Joe smiles with his eyes. 
Anybody who knows Joe will know how his smiling face makes you feel. Joe’s smile is very infectious.
I am fortunate that I see Joe smile regularly. Often it is random things that make him smile the most. Sitting in the front seat of the car, a can of coke or a cardboard box with a square cut out of it to make it into a television.
On Sunday Joe smiled from ‘ear to ear’ and ‘from his eyes’ a number of times for the same reason. He had been allowed to wear his ‘sports trousers’. 
To me there is nothing special about Joe’s ‘sports trousers’. But to Joe they are hallowed property. Joe is allowed to wear these sky blue Adidas tracksuit trousers when he has been good. To be honest they are fairly garish.
I view success as helping a student with their Science GCSE or when I help alleviate a worry they might have. To Joe these trousers seem to symbolise success. 
On Sunday Joe repeatedly told me “it’s ok James, my trousers are not wet!” and “James my trousers are clean!”. I had no idea why he said these things but the statements were accompanied by a radiant smile. 
On one occasion in a cafe toilet I found Joe lifting his foot to a hand dryer in order to keep his trousers dry. I never knew Joe was quite that supple. 
The only problem with the trousers was that Joe also had a grey coat and a red shirt on. This migraine inducing outfit made him look like a patchwork quilt…
But then Oscar Wilde once said ‘You can never be over dressed or over educated’. I suppose Sunday was Joe’s take on that.


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