For Christmas Joe received a bow and arrow. This is not a bow and arrow that will fly a token 3 feet. The box suggests that this bow can fire arrows up to 140 feet. That is fairly lethal in the hands of an inexperienced archer like Joe. 
Initially Joe was not confident enough to fire some arrows. It is quite sad to hear Joe say “I can’t do it”. I do find that Joe is saying this more as he gets older. It is the responsibility of those around him to encourage him when he feels unable to do something due to confidence, coordination or concentration. 
First, Joe enjoyed putting the arrows in a bag on his back and carrying the bow like Katniss Everdeen. We then added a Harry Potter outfit. The resulting look meant Joe resembled a mix of Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter and Darth Sidious. Joe was now more confident to fire the bow. 

“Let me shoot you James!”. 
Joe has never said this to me before…I don’t think anybody has. Joe yelled this as he jumped from his bedroom like Rambo. Luckily for me, Joe had trouble lining the arrow up in the bow and so the first arrow flopped a rather meagre five centimetres. 
Joe does have a lot of difficulty with his coordination. In my ‘No corpus callosum, no problem’ post I discussed the corpus callosum. Essentially it acts as a pathway for nerve signals between the two hemispheres of the brain. Perhaps it is good to think of it as a motorway. Instead of the M1, Joe has either a dusty track or no track at all. 
Therefore, ‘Rambo Joe’ was never going to find it easy to shoot me. We both discovered how much coordination is needed to fire a bow and arrow. Joe was most successful when we worked together to launch the arrow. Our first effort flew around ten feet. Our second approach involved me encouraging Joe to pull the bow back as far as he could. I asked some questions about what Joe thought would happen, but he said he was “bored” and let go of the arrow. Unfortunately this meant the arrow connected firmly with my thigh. 
Despite the pain I praised Joe for his ‘good thinking’. The teacher in me then decided to push for more and we discussed how Joe could get the arrow to fly further. 
Luckily, Joe did not tell me he was “bored” again, and did not try and maim me a second time…


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