Today I rewarded Joe with a Youtube session on my phone. 
There were clear rules associated with Joe’s treat. Firstly he must only go onto Youtube and he must use his headphones. The reasons for both of these rules are essential. If Joe finds himself straying from Youtube towards my contact list, phone calls could be made. The second rule is important because Joe watches utter rubbish on Youtube…to be fair so do I. 
There was no specific reason why I rewarded Joe today. Perhaps it resulted from the love I felt as he strode majestically towards me beaming from ear to ear. 
Fast-forward a number of hours and Joe had watched around one hundred clips. Well, a portion of one hundred clips. Some of the clips were repeats and some simply did not satisfy him so he quickly moved on. 
I am very interested in human behaviour. I am particularly interested in how children with learning difficulties show their feelings via their behaviour. I am also very passionate about how Joe’s behaviour is a manifestation of his emotions.  
All behaviour is a form of communication after all. 
Joe flicking from clip to clip could be seen as annoying. Perhaps, if he was not using his headphones the sound of Latvian nursery rhymes might slightly grate on me. I could get really annoyed with Joe, maybe I could have shouted or even snatched the phone from Joe’s hands. 
I suppose I did what a lot of judgemental people would hate. I ignored it and allowed Joe to experiment. The photo below was a result of such experimentation before Joe was reminded about the rules of his session on my phone. 


The reason for this is simple. Joe has Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for which he is medicated. 
When Joe’s medication is ‘running low’, he will find concentrating on something like a video clip very difficult. Does it matter if he flicks from clip to clip? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. 
The website Living with ADHD is a brilliant source of information for anybody wishing to learn more. Interestingly, ADHD is more prevalent in children and adults with learning difficulties. I wonder how many people affected by ADHD will suffer from low self-confidence because they are ‘punished’ for their attention span.
I am not medically trained so these are my interpretations. However I wonder if everybody with an ‘opinion’ on ADHD and attention spans see their thoughts as ‘opinions’ or believe they are indeed ‘facts’. 
My one annoyance with today is with myself. Joe obviously had very dirty hands. Now my phone is grimy and exudes a strong odour of marmite… 


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