I always find the run up to Christmas exciting. Perhaps it is because I work in a school, perhaps it is because I embrace my inner child or perhaps it is because I am human. 
I probably find myself thinking about Christmas more than the average adult. I do wonder what Joe thinks about Christmas during the build-up. It could consist of the following questions:
1- Will I be able to give out the presents?

2- Will I have to eat my dinner?

3- Can I help others open their presents?

4- What actually is this Christmas event people talk about?
For Joe, Christmas has weighed heavily in his mind. The worry and anticipation of the event has consumed him. I can sympathise with this… will anybody judge me for eating my entire body weight in turkey? Can I get away with mixing my drinks and not feel like I am desperate to cut my head off the next day? 
This year Joe thoroughly enjoyed Christmas. If he did not then he did a fantastic job of pretending. 
In short, Joe gave out the presents, he was able to eat as much of his dinner as he wished (Joe’s medication affects his appetite) and he helped others open their presents (I didn’t get a look in). However I am not sure he fully understands what Christmas is, or more specifically what values it embodies.
I hope Joe associates Christmas as time to spend with his family and friends. I hope he associates Christmas with kindness. 
Prior to Christmas I received a handmade Christmas card from Little Gate Farm. The card can be seen below.

I have spoken about this fantastic charity before. I am proud to support a charity that embodies everything that Christmas should be. The charity is kind, supports all of society and adds value to the lives of others. 
Joe can find unexpected surprises very difficult. He also finds surprises he is warned about very difficult. On Christmas day Joe’s mum arranged for man dressed as Santa to come and visit Joe to give him a present. 
It was a heart in mouth moment as Joe’s eyes connected with this bearded man. Luckily a smile spread across Joe’s face like wild fire. Joe posed for a photo with Santa and said thank you for his gift. This small event made a young man’s day. 

This Santa did everything that Little Gate Farm does. He was kind, included everybody (even I got a gift) and added value to our day (with the currency of smiles). Joe and I did run upstairs to see if Santa got in his sleigh to ride off. However, he must have parked down the road as he went striding off down the pavement. 
Traffic in suburban areas gets very tricky at this time of year I guess…


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