This week Joe has been driving plenty of people insane by playing a very annoying rendition of ‘5 little ducks went swimming one day’ on his iPad.
The video has over three million views; half of which must be Joe. I have not admitted to the rest of Joe’s family that I am responsible for finding this song and encouraging Joe to sing along to it. 
I suppose they will know now. 
Joe loves music. He loves singing along to anything from nursery rhymes to rap music. It doesn’t really matter what the music is like, if Joe can sense the beat he will let you know. 
“Tune James!” is often shouted in the car. This occurs when a song Joe likes the sound of comes on. It is highly likely that Joe has never heard the song before and he is simply predicting this is indeed a ‘tune’. 
When Joe is not confined by a seatbelt he enjoys a dance. Joe’s repertoire is fairly limited but he has a go-to move which is the ‘bum wiggle’. Joe’s ‘bum wiggle’ is a much more pedestrian form of a Beyonce shake. 
Today we went to Hastings Old Town. The Old Town in Hastings is a quaint place with many fine examples of architecture. As we strolled up George Street we came across a teenage busker. This busker was remarkably talented and Joe and I felt compelled to give him some money. 
However all did not go to plan today as Joe suffered a crisis of confidence as we went to deliver our cash. Joe suddenly became anxious and the dulcet tones of the busker were interrupted by moans and screams. 
Hopefully we didn’t dent the singer’s confidence too much…


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