Joe needs facts. Joe need life to be clear. Joe needs life to be black and white. Joe needs life to be straight forward. 
When life is a form of grey Joe struggles. 
As we get older and develop we gain the ability to cope with times in life when things are not clear cut. Sometimes no matter our age or developmental stage, grey areas can be very frustrating.
This week our beloved pet cat Luna went missing. Over the past few days my wife and I have searched repeatedly for her but to no avail. We have not found her body, we have not found any fur and none of our neighbours have seen her. 
Not knowing what has happened to Luna is frustrating for me. However trying to explain the situation to Joe has been very difficult. 
Joe and I had a tender conversation as we walked to the barbers. Through partially leaking eyes I answered Joe’s question “When Luna come home?” as honestly as I could. Joe did not understand and still does not. 
In this occasion I wish life was clear cut. 
At least we both had our something to occupy our minds soon after. Joe and I sat next to each other as we had our haircut. The pulsating hip hop music, the strong aroma of Hugo Boss and the lad banter helped us to think of something different. Joe even nodded his head to an ear-piercing Drake number. 
Joe received a free pot of hair gel and a spray of Hugo Boss as we left. Perfect preparation for any Saturday night. 


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