A few days ago I saw something that made me happy. I often see things that make me happy but this sight made me very happy. 
For the first time Joe held Oliver. 
I write ‘held’ but I mean this in the loosest possible sense. Oliver was rather ‘plonked’ onto Joe’s lap and we all stood around watching with bated breath to ensure that no part of Oliver’s anatomy connected sharply with the floor. 
Joe must have felt a connection with Oliver as he said goodbye to him when he was sat in his car seat. Joe often has a unique way of saying goodbye that changes depending on his mood and who he is speaking to. Sometimes I receive hugs and kisses and other times he cries as if I have monumentally let him down. Oliver was rather lucky as he got an upbeat farewell.
“Bye bye Oliver my buddy”.
Since Joe said this I have found myself thinking about how Joe’s interpretation of friendship might differ from mine as I would use the word ‘buddy’ with friends. 
The Cambridge Dictionary writes that a friend is ‘a person who you know well and who you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family’. 
As we go through childhood we are often encouraged to make friends and develop our friendship skills. Young children that do not fit in are a concern for many people. 
It is difficult to know what Joe considers to be friendship or who his friends might be. I would like to consider myself one of Joe’s good friends. If we play with the definition from the Cambridge Dictionary and extract a few words such as ‘…you know well…’ and …’you like a lot…’ then many things could ‘fit the bill’ for Joe such as his briefcase, the hoover and his fluorescent jacket. 
I am not for a minute suggesting Joe is friends with household objects. I am instead suggesting that he sometimes finds the same comfort in objects that others do with friends. 
I know Joe is not the only person in society to have a different interpretation of friendship from the norm. Sometimes people will be unable to make friends even though they are desperate to and some people will simply not be interested. We are all different.
A lot of people have been very kind about our blog. If this this short piece of writing makes you think please feel free to share it with others and follow by clicking ‘follow’ below. 
It does concern me that Joe might consider a hoover a better friend than me…perhaps I should take him out more.


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