Over the past eleven days I have changed a number of nappies. I would say I am far from a professional but I am getting better. 
Oliver particularly enjoys relieving himself into a fresh nappy moments after it has touched his skin. On Sunday, Oliver did this three times without leaving the changing mat. At one precarious moment I debated leaving him open to the elements until I felt he would not ‘go off’ again. Throughout this whole event Joe watched carefully. People that know Joe will know that he finds simply ‘watching’ something very difficult. Funnily enough on this occasion he was happy to take a back seat. Joe did offer some words to lighten the mood though. As Oliver’s third offering was unveiled, he suggested getting a takeaway that evening.
“Get something in tonight please James”. 
I am not sure what made Joe think about a takeaway at this particular moment but life can surprise us sometimes. 
Joe enjoys takeaways and often asks if we can ‘get something in’. Before those adults around Joe are lambasted for over-feeding Joe with a ropey diet it is worth knowing that Joe enjoys ‘getting something in’ so that he can give out some menus and take everyone’s orders. 
Occasionally Joe can repeat the statement ‘get something in tonight’ alongside other phrases. Often this occurs when Joe is distressed. Some people might consider repeating ‘apple crumble’, ‘hate this house’ or ‘carrot cake’ as simply negative behaviour that should be ‘punished’. However Joe cannot help doing this and cannot help the repetitive thoughts in his mind. 
When Joe is repeating words I try to think how I might feel if it happened to me. It might be like having a tedious song stuck in my head. 
Joe finds it frustrating when he repeats phrases. When he does this we try and comfort him. For Joe, comfort can come in a number of different forms. Sometimes comforting Joe can be a simple cuddle or as time-laborious as giving him a massage. 
Recently Joe has made some fantastic progress in recognising letters. As a reward I thought I would celebrate Joe’s fondness for takeaways by making him a mug that says ‘get something in’ on one side.
I thought he may as well learn how to spell it…


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