It is a week since a new character was added to our blog. Little Oliver is currently sleeping soundly (8PM) ahead of his early morning noise-fest (midnight- 3AM). 
Oliver was 8lbs 10oz when he was born and as he was the first newborn I have held he seemed like the smallest human ever to have lived. I am not quite sure my wife would agree with that though. 
I entered Joe’s life when he was three years old so I never knew him as a newborn. When Joe was born he was 5lbs 2oz. I have spent some time this week thinking about what Joe must have looked like compared to Oliver. 
There is one notable difference between Joe and Oliver. Oliver has a corpus callosum whereas Joe does not. According to the factually accurate wikipedia, the corpus callosum is ‘a broad band of nerve fibres joining the two hemispheres of the brain’. This seems like a fairly necessary part of a human brain! However it is possible to be born without one and live a happy life. 
There have been a huge number of people born without a corpus callosum in the past. One such person was Laurence Kim Peek. Laurence Kim Peek was the inspiration for the film ‘Rain Man’ starring Dustin Hoffman. Peek had great social difficulties but an amazing memory due to the neurones in his brain making unusual connections. Mr Peek was also autistic, could not walk until he was four, could not do up his shirt buttons and scored below average on IQ tests. 
There are similarities between Joe and the real-life ‘Rain Man’. Joe struggles to communicate, has been delayed in his development and would score below average on an IQ test. However, Joe has a phenomenal memory. 
Usually Joe’s memory revolves around how many biscuits are left in a tin, where the chocolate bars are or if my car needs washing. 
I do wonder what trips Joe, Oliver and I will go on ( along with my wife of course). I have already factored in the trip to Las Vegas and the casinos when both boys are old enough…
No pressure there big man. You could be the key to our fortune.


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