Tonight I had the luxury of being a horse. The evening began with the sorts of squeals and cheers usually reserved for a celebrity. If you have read any of my other posts you will know this is fairly routine.
I had gone round to Joe’s house for dinner. Now dinner was lovely but as far as Joe was concerned I was there primarily to play with him. There was very little time between finishing dinner and me being on all fours in the lounge pretending to be a horse. On my back was a ‘Horse Man’. 
This ‘Horse Man’ had a fairly niche uniform. The ‘Horse Man’ wore a helmet, blazer, tie and a Mickey Mouse onesie. Joe has a special helmet made for him that provides him with extra support. The combination of red and black clothing and a black hat reminded me of a Beefeater. The ‘Horse Man’ was very happy telling me to ‘Walk on’ and ‘Giddy up and found it hilarious to grab the scruff of my jumper to encourage me. Funnily enough Joe was not so keen when I suggested a role reversal.
Only a matter of minutes later the ‘Horse Man’ had evolved into a rockstar as Joe stood on a chair with one foot on the table, clutching a plastic guitar whilst rocking out to his favourite song, Tomorrow from the musical Annie.
It is times such as this evening that remind me that life is meant to be fun. Joe’s outlook on life is exactly what everyone’s should be. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always keen to make others feel happy. 
The only downside to the evening was when the helmet connected firmly with my forehead…that was far from fun.


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