I like to drop hints. Sometimes I find dropping a hint easier than saying what I want but when these hints are as subtle as a pneumatic drill it is easy to see through them. 
I have this personality trait in common with Joe. Joe loves a hint. Occasionally he hints because he knows he will not get the answer he wants but at other times it is because he is not able to fully verbalise his wishes. However, often Joe’s hints are so obvious it is clear what he wants. 
When we are at Joe’s house and he catches wind that we are leaving he might suggest that I make a round of teas ‘Make some teas please James’ or ‘Get me ready for bed please James’. I can see myself as a young boy in Joe’s behaviour. When Joe has a little more time on his hands to hatch a plan for us to stay he can be very thrifty. Often Joe will retrieve some takeaway menus and utter a favourite phrase of his ‘Get something in please!’. Joe knows full well how long it will take from ordering the food to us eventually leaving. 
As mentioned in previous posts, Joe learns a lot from role plays. Therefore when Joe gets his wishes and we do ‘get something in’ he uses a phone to ‘ring the restaurant’. Rather than being put through to an unsuspecting restaurant he will be put through to me whilst I stand in a different room. I am not sure if Joe has cottoned onto this setup after 6 months of doing it regularly but I would imagine so. 
I have learnt that on weekends when I do not see Joe I make regular hints to my wife to get to see him. It is strange that Joe teaches me things about the way I think when I am with him and when I am not. 
I feel very blessed to know Joe. We are not brothers, we are not friends and I am not his carer. What I am is a mix of those three roles. 
In the coming weeks Joe will become ‘Uncle Joey’. I know he will teach my son how beautiful life can be. I will experience a great deal of things alongside my wife, my son and the ‘Big Man’. I hope to be writing about places we visit and times that are far more exciting than this post. 
However these visits will be awesome because of the relationship I have with my incredible brother-in-law. 



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