Before I left work I phoned Joe to tell him I had a gift to give him. When I arrived at the front door I could hear the customary cheering with shouts of ‘James is here!’. When the door was opened I was greeted by a ten year old who was desperate to lay their hands on the gift. 
Joe was absolutely thrilled with the present as he has seen a number of adults with the same item. This gift was a travel mug I had been given for free.
Much of the remainder of the evening was spent with Joe dressed as an adult to match his equally adult mug. Joe has a go-to outfit when such occasions arise. He dug out an old tie and found his navy blazer. After some rather ungainly arm tangling whilst we got his tie on and some brushing of his blazer, Joe was looking pretty dapper. However he quickly realised he had forgotten his briefcase. 
Joe’s briefcase is fairly old and fairly battered. This does not stop vital items being placed in there such as certificates, Indian takeaway menus and a dog lead. I can’t imagine there are many people with a similar array of goods in their briefcase. It is clear each and every item is vital as Joe will notice if something has been removed. 
We indulged in some teacher and student role-play so Joe’s outfit could get some use. I was set some rather simple activities that involved putting my hand up. I was obviously quite a natural at this as I was presented with two certificates. 
Joe’s imagination is utterly unique and it is amazing how an old briefcase filled with some random items can foster so much joy in a person. Many of the items that Joe likes to have in his possession make him feel safe and provide him with comfort. I can identify with this, Indian takeaway menus provide me with plenty of comfort too. 
The evening ended with more imagination as Joe was caught trying to hide two chocolate bars he had pinched from the kitchen. I am sure Joe will develop his chocolate acquiring tactics in the future. Perhaps we shall find some chocolate bars amongst the takeaway menus in his briefcase soon…


One thought on “Joe the Teacher 

  1. I look forward to reading about Joe and James, it makes me smile and we all need something to make us smile. How amazing that two people can bring such joy and fun to each other’s lives. Wonderful, thanks J&J

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