I always enjoy arriving at Joe’s house. This might sound like a simple pleasure but it is because of the reception I receive. Joe seems to have an in built sensor that can detect when a car is approaching his house. Therefore he is usually waiting at the window of his lounge as I pull in.
The reaction I get when I look out my car is rather endearing. Joe’s reaction could be described as ecstatic. He throws his arms in the air, cheers, jumps up and down and laughs uncontrollably. This is a very nice sight. Before I get too big-headed I should mention I have seen the post man receive the same greeting.
Tonight Joe was dressed as a Minion. Tonight the Minion as always wanted to look after my phone. This is very common for Joe. He often likes to hold my phone and put it in his pocket. Occasionally I even find the phone on charge.
For as long as I have known Joe he has loved electronics. He doesn’t always use them as the manufacturers would have intended but he gives it a good go. Before Joe receives the phone to ‘babysit’ I always activate airplane mode. I have learnt this the hard way when I have caught him having a primitive Facetime conversation with an unsuspecting member of my contacts list.

Joe takes his responsibility for the phone to great lengths by checking the back as well as the screen at regular intervals. When Joe is focused on something he can forget his surroundings. During one of the many checks of the phone tonight a whole cup of squash went flying. The squash would have hit the ground if my shoes were not next to Joe. These little accidents are common and Joe is very sad when it happens. Therefore it is important everyone reassures him that accidents do happen.
I can’t say I enjoyed driving home with a Vimto soaked shoe that felt like a sponge. I imagine some Vimto was left behind on the floor of the car. It wouldn’t usually have been a problem but tonight I was driving a courtesy car.
Don’t worry Minion, I have another pair of shoes and I won’t tell the garage.


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