At some point today Joe has had his face painted like a ghost at his holiday club. I say ‘at some point’ as he has had some of it washed off. The resulting effect means Joe has what looks war paint on his little face.
Joe loves Halloween. Currently his war painted face is lit up as he hacks at a pumpkin using a butter knife. I have to admire his spirit…he won’t give up.

When I think of Joe’s outlook on life I can’t help but think lots of people would benefit from some ‘Joe lifestyle coaching’.

Joe has numerous positive qualities. He is kind, gentle, funny, friendly and determined. Joe has a number of challenges in his life. He finds concentrating difficult. He cannot always articulate his feelings. I can’t imagine how frustrating this must be. Despite all of this he remains positive and determined.

Joe has taught me to always look on the bright side of life. Life is so much more enjoyable when I do this. Perhaps we should all follow Joe’s approach to life.
Thank you Joe for teaching me so much. I do not need to say thank you to you though for waking me up at 4 o clock with shouts of ‘crispies James’ or for calling me ‘dopey donkey’ this weekend.


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