This weekend Joe is staying over. Usually this involves a multitude of activities at break neck speed that span from 5Pm on Friday until 4PM-ish on Sunday. The weekends we spend with Joe are wonderful if not a little tiring!

In the past 3 hours Joe has helped cook dinner, eaten dinner, watched some Fireman Sam, watched Ben and Holly, watched some videos with me about supercars (Joe is a big fan of exhaust noise) and rounded it off with a second helping of Ben and Holly. This is a fairly typical evening for Joe. I admire how he can switch from activity to activity at the ‘drop of a hat’. I would like to say the switches are conscious decisions that Joe makes but in reality Joe struggles with his concentration. 

It is not Joe’s fault that he finds concentration difficult, he was born this way. The same way I was born with tendency to burn horrifically when I sit for any period in the sunshine. My wife accepts me sitting in the shade, therefore we accept Joe’s varying interests throughout an evening. 

I was born with blue eyes, Joe was born with Global Developmental Delay. Joe responds well to structured activities in bite-size chunks. Therefore many Youtube clips are perfect for Joe. He is able to flit from clips about Jupiter to clips about watering cans. How wonderful to be happy doing this! My favourite clip that we watched together this evening was about a Mercedes A45 AMG. For those who don’t know these cars…they are two things, seriously fast and seriously loud. We watched a seven minute clip open mouthed at the speed and noise that this automotive beast was able to achieve. When the clip was finished Joe turned to me and said ‘James….I wish your car sounded like that. Never mind James’. 

Cheers for that Joe. 


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