I have often thought about starting a blog, however I have always lacked one very important ingredient. I have never had anything interesting to say! I imagine I have said something of interest in the past, but recently I have felt a burning desire to share something very profound. I want to share the relationship and experiences I have with my brother in law.

Sometimes the experiences are ‘edge of your seat’ enthralling and side splittingly funny. However sometimes they are simple ones when we are sat in the lounge or Joe is pretending to give me a certificate for ‘independent work’ or ‘PE’. I hope through this blog I can share the love Joe has for life and the beauty he brings to the world. I am more of a passenger….


2 thoughts on “Why bother with a blog…?

  1. We met joe on holiday in Ibiza 2 years ago. He is such a lovely boy. My then 2year old had so much fun with him. We all did.
    My daughter, now 4, often talks about joe. Even at 2, she remembers how special meeting joe was. Everyone needs a joe in their life. ❤️

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